[gst-devel] adder and float

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Wed Mar 31 09:18:09 CEST 2004

Stefan Kost figured out that there was something fishy with the CLAMP
macro.  adder should now work again for integer audio.

I tried fixing some bits for float audio as well, but I can't test it
properly.  Who uses adder for float ?

Here are some points to look at:
a) the standard template caps for float audio (audio.h) do not contain
width 32.  This should be added.

b) they list buffer-frames from 1 to MAXINT.  After discussion with
Benjamin, I feel this should be 0 to MAXINT; a standard float element
doesn't care what size the buffers are, except in cases where it does
care (which I assume are wingo (TM) elements :)) This way, adder can
take vorbisdec audio, which is listed with buffer-frames 0

c) I used adder->width instead of sizeof (gfloat) to calculate the

d) it needs testing, and I couldn't get it to work correctly with two
vorbis files, or sinesrc converted to float.  Anyone want to throw me a
good float adder test pipeline ?


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