[gst-devel] Debian package for gst-python?

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Mon May 31 11:31:04 CEST 2004

* Chris AtLee <chris at atlee.ca> [2004-05-31T12:06:59-0400]:
> Are there any debian packages for the python bindings for gstreamer?  I
> don't have much experience doing packages, but my initial attempt can be
> found at:
> http://atlee.ca/debian

I filed an ITP for them ages ago.  Never really got around to finishing
the packaging work.

I haven't really looked too close at packages but the name should change
to match the standard debian python packaging such as a something like a
virtual python-gstreamer and python{2.x,2.y}-gstreamer.  Or probably

I see you're using CDBS.  It has a nice distutils based mode to build
all the various python packages but I don't think anyone has done a
autoconf based one which gst-python could use.  Oh well.  Would make
generating the various python versions easier.  Can probably punt the
problem and just make 2.3 packages now.

Are you a debian developer?  Or looking to be one?  I'd be happy to
upload packages once they are working.  


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