[gst-devel] Re: DirectShow conversion to Gstreamer

Julien Laffray julien.laffray at lycos.com
Mon Nov 1 04:40:08 CET 2004

> Once again, most gstreamer developers don't use windows, so don't be
> surprised if they don't talk much about it. Developers not using windows
> will have a hard time helping out windows developers who want to use
> gstreamer for windows for one... It would probably be more productive to
> look for someone wanting to hack on windows gstreamer apps (ie someone
> who gets a video and audio sink to work and who ports a simple gtk
> player to windows) than to complain that the gstreamer developers
> (mainly linux guys) don't care about windows ;)


I have been looking for quite sometime now at porting Gstreamer for Windows, because of little time and some technical difficulties at the time, i didn't know to solve, i stopped working on it. While i am not interested in making as such to make a Gstreamer app, i am trying to add a video plugin to Clanlib through the use of Gstreamer. But i doubt that will be useful to people as such :) The whole goal is get the video to a Clanlib surface and the sound stream to a clanlib sound object. Just for that reason it won't be useful to most people. However, because Gstreamer needs plugin to work, and because i will need to choose a plugin to get video and sound working, i will probably spend some time on a video plugin. Right now, I don't have the time nor the computer to work on it, but i will gladly contribute.
I think that the SDL plugin should be something that people should have a look at. Because of the nature of SDL, getting this plugin to work should be relatively easy on Windows. 

Anyway just my 2 cents

Julien Laffray

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