[gst-devel] Re: DirectShow conversion to Gstreamer

Larry Berlinski LBerlinski at inspireworksinc.com
Tue Nov 2 11:58:03 CET 2004

[Arioch Stated: SNIP]
I wonder, what can it mean 'converting DirectShow to Gstreamer ' ? :-)
The whole MS DirectShow ? <g>

... well ... yes ... well ... maybe ...

What I meant to ask was: "Has anyone converted an application that was already using DirectShow to Gstreamer?" ...

I was given (read: "I didn't write it") a completed application that uses DirectShow. I want to convert it to Linux eventually. I figure the first hurtle is to get it converted from DirectShow to Gstreamer, then shove it over to Linux. I was looking for some tips and "Watch out fors ..." for the conversion.

I'm sure there are other speed bumps besides Gstreamer, but I can deal with them as I come to them.


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