[gst-devel] Re: DirectShow conversion to Gstreamer

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Nov 3 11:25:39 CET 2004

Larry Berlinski wrote:

>[Thomas Vander Stichele stated: SNIP]
>LB=->YOU AND YOUR TEAM are "GStreamer on Windows".  You are part of the
>LB=->GStreamer team, and you're part of the part that makes it happen on
>I'm a little confused. I went to www.matroska.org and found no information about converting DirectShow to Gstreamer ... indeed Gstreamer is only mentioned in passing. More is mentioned about DirectShow than Gstreamer. Have I gone to the wrong site?  Larry

Hi Larry,

dont worry, you went to the right place. The problem is, we as the 
matroska team would like to USE Gstreamer for our purposes, while the 
Gstreamer makers would like us to MAKE Gstreamer happen, at least with 
respect to the Windows port. The good thing is, we are still good 
friends and able to talk this out in a friendly and constructive matter 
:) !

I will discuss with Steve once he's back from the US how we could 
proceed here. Its maybe time for me to take on another task in the team, 
and maybe its my faith to become the responsible driving force behind 
the Windows version of Gstreamer. This is not as easy as it sounds for 
me, as i am not a developer myself, but only something like an advanced 
PC user, and even with a strong antipathy for CLI applications ..... 
LOL. Anyway, i was successful in the past of rallying some troops for a 
good thing to happen ( matroska ), maybe i can make it again and find 
some friendly dev from the Windows world helping out.

The matroska project needs a multimedia framework to be based on if we 
want the project to survive. Right now we are mainly only 'surviving' 
because MKV creation tools are simply better than the existing MP4 
tools, and AVI does have too many limitations. But, and this is a fact, 
with MP4 tools getting more and more powerful with respect to subtitles 
and stream selection, we need to progress matroska into a REAL 
multi-purpose container, and that requires an open-standard codec API 
based on a powerful framework.

I hope this makes it a bit clearer why you couldnt find any information 
about the Windows port on our homepage yet. Lets see what the future 
will bring here ;) ...

Best regards

matroska project admin

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