[gst-devel] sample caching

Leif Johnson leif at ambient.2y.net
Tue Nov 23 13:59:01 CET 2004

Colin Walters wrote:
> One difficulty here is that apps will just get the sink from GConf,
> which could be a bin containing e.g. audioconvert and audioscale too.
> So we'd need to make GstBin implement GstSampleCacheInterface too, which
> would suck.  Is there a better way?

Why not use a dedicated element that caches samples ? Seems like any app 
(e.g. sample synth, sound server, video editor, etc.) that knows it's 
dealing with cached media will be just as easy (or difficult) to write 
using a cache element as it would be using a sink that implements a 
cache interface.

Also, since caching is a media-agnostic process, we could have one 
generic cache element that would work for any pipeline, instead of 
having to implement cache interfaces in all our sink elements.

Also, the bin problem is nasty, and having a separate cache element 
would be a decent workaround. :)


Leif Morgan Johnson [ http://ambient.2y.net/leif/ ]

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