[gst-devel] gst_element_wait in a non-sink element

Luca Ognibene skaboy81 at virgilio.it
Mon Nov 29 02:11:01 CET 2004

Hi! I'm developing a simple server application to do server-push. So i
have a source element, a parser element and a tcp sink element
(mysource ! myparse ! tcpserversink). tcpserversink doesn't require a
clock and doesn't wait for the right TIMESTAMP on the buffer so i've tried
to add an identity element (mysource ! myparse ! identity sync=true !
tcpserversink) and all works fine in gst-launch! :/ If i try
the same pipeline in an application that runs multiple threaded pipelines at the
same time i see that identity element waits for the right timestamp but
tcpserversink is called only every 20/30 frames from the scheduler and
so it writes a lot of frame in the socket, then sleep for some seconds
and so on... Then i've tried doing {mysource ! myparse !
identity sync=true loop-based=true ! tcpserversink} and all works fine
also in mine application! good! but.. why? 
1) Adding a get_clock funcion in a non-sink element is a good think or
is it better to add it to tcpserversink?
2) Why if identity is loop based all works fine but if it's chain based
it doesn't work?

Hope to learn more about gstreamer... it's really a good framework!!


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