Martin Soto soto at informatik.uni-kl.de
Mon Nov 29 15:06:01 CET 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

Let me start by first introducing myself properly to you, I am Martin
Soto. I'm no offshore credit officer, with the African development bank
owned by the whole of African region with head office in Abidjan, Cote
D'Ivoire. Actually, I'm a programmer. And in fact I did not come to know
of you in any private search for a reliable and reputable person to
handle this, not at all confidential transaction, which does not involve
the transfer of huge sums of money to a foreign bank account, and does
nor really require that much confidence.

Indeed I'm writing to you, because I would like you to test my new DVD
player. My proposition to you, my dear Sir/Madam is the following:

1. Install GNU Arch (tla). If you have not as yet, do it now. This is a
fine program that could bring a lot of happiness to you and your family.

2. Issue the following command to the free software operating system of
your liking:

  tla register-archive soto at freedesktop.org--2004-personal \

  tla get soto at freedesktop.org--2004-personal/seamless--mainline seamless

3. Read the important message to you stored in the README file in the
seamless directory.

Please if this business proposal was acceptable by you please do not for
god sake make or use undue advantage of the trust we have bestowed on
you, then kindly get to me immediatly, and let me know of any problems
or bugs you may have found. I will not require you to furnish me with
your confidnetial contact telephone numbers, fax or exclusive bank
account informations, so that i can use these informations for some
obscure purposes. Please signify your intentions as soon as possible as
time is not on my side... (I'm going on vacation soon, indeed ;-)

Martin Soto

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