[gst-devel] amaroK 1.1.1 released

Mark Kretschmann markey at web.de
Sun Oct 10 04:19:32 CEST 2004

The amaroK team announces version 1.1.1 of the amaroK audio player

Bugfixes, Usability, iCandy - that's what we focused on for this maintenance 
release. After our article on dot.kde.org two weeks ago we received an amazing
amount of feedback from our users, especially with ideas on improving

We set to work on this immediately, and are happy to present some substantial 
usability improvements, like the new menu-bar, which makes amaroK more 
accessible to new users, and better tool interfaces. Overall, we have 
polished the application's look-and-feel, to make it easy and fun for both 
experienced and new users. 

We hope you enjoy our work :)

ChangeLog relative to version 1.1:

  FIX: Crash when using GStreamer-engine on 64bit. (BR 90869)
  CHG: New splash screen by Nenad Grujicic <mchitman at neobee.net>.
  FIX: Crash when fetching 1 missing cover using the fetch button. (BR 90673)
  REM: Unsupported option "Show Metadata in Playlist".
  ADD: Menubar (optional).
  FIX: GStreamer-engine now resumes playback at correct position.
  ADD: iCandy for Context-Browser: Background gradient and toolbar.
  CHG: Collection-Browser now has a toolbar instead of menubar.
  FIX: With "Title Streaming" disabled GStreamer could not play streams.
  FIX: Osssink is now the default sink for GStreamer. If sink initialization
       fails, a dialog will ask to select another sink.
  FIX: Pausing failed on some systems with GStreamer-engine. (BR 90417)
  FIX: Never scan the same directory twice.
  FIX: Disable CD-burning menu for streams. (BR 90336)
  ADD: Open Cover-Manager from Context-Browser popup-menu and main menu.
  FIX: Made amaroK build with --disable-amazon flag.
  FIX: Docs translations were not installed correctly. (BR 90307)
  FIX: GStreamer-engine refused to play some mp3 files. (BR 90317)

The amaroK team

WWW : http://amarok.kde.org
IRC : irc.freenode.net #amarok
MAIL: amarok-devel at lists.sourceforge.net

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