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Daniel Stodden dns at somacoma.de
Thu Oct 21 07:22:13 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 14:59 +0200, Thomas Kuleßa wrote:
> Hi,
> I am about to package my gstreamer based app for Debian.
> As part of the installation process 
> "gst-register --gst-plugin-path=<myapp>" gets called from the post
> installation script to register the application specific plugins.
> The first problem is, that the registry.xml file will be created
> in /root/.gstreamer/, which is useless. I remember an older version of
> gstreamer created it somewhere under /etc. The manual says the same. At
> least under Sarge with the gstreamer-0.8 packages there is no
> /etc/gstreamer directory. So is this a Debian specific bug, or is the
> registry process broken in general?

there is already a huge number of prepackaged plugins available. apt-get
one or all, cd to /var/lib/dpkg/info. grep for gst-register and copy the
relevant parts from the .postinst and .postrm scripts.

registry and comprep goes to /var/lib/gstreamer/0.x/*.xml. just copy the

> Another more fundamental problem with gst-register is, that it simply
> overwrites the registry file, instead of updating it. So it can not be
> used by different gstreamer based apps which each bring their own
> plugins and which do not know of each other. Has anybody spent a thought
> about this already?

we are talking about plugin installation, aren't we? if you want to
install system-wide plugins using the system registry, the above
procedure applies. if you need a bunch of "private" plugins for your
applications, the above is probably a bad idea since you're polluting
the global set of module/element names.

you do not need to create modules in order to add your own elements to
the pipeline. are you aware of that? just link them in an instantiate

there may be ways to create application-specific registries in private
paths, but what would be the point? to make such an approach flexible,
you'd need triggers which update your registry as soon as root installs
more packages. i may be wrong here, though.

i must admit i'm not aware whether it's possible to
a) install to private locations and go with a runtime search without a
b) install to a private location, create a private registry and merge
that with the global one at runtime.

but i suppose there are not many applications out there yet which had to
walk that road.

i'm more of a debian user than a gstreamer guru, i may be proven wrong
at some points.


Daniel Stodden
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