[gst-devel] Questions about video plugins

Joshua Pollak jpollak at cra.com
Fri Oct 22 01:24:13 CEST 2004


I am trying to write an interface to GStreamer for the cross platform 
computer vision library I work on. I would like to have a system that 
constructs a GStreamer graph with an arbitrary video input and allows 
me to access to the video frame buffers. Probably via a callback. Is 
this possible without writing a plugin? What element do I want to use?

Also, it appears gstreamer doesn't have a plugin for 1394 digital 
cameras. Is that correct? Is anyone working on one? I'm referring to 
libdc1394 cameras that conform to the 1394 Digital Camera interface 
(usually at /dev/video1394/xxx, not Digital Video cameras which work 
with libdv1394 and DV.

One final question, how do I itemize what file formats gstreamer 
supports, and then figure out what element I need to create for a given 
file? I know it has to do with typefind, and maybe autoplug, but I 
found the documentation a bit out of date, and I couldn't get the 
examples working.



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