[gst-devel] new plugin: fakefilter (id3demux seek problem)

Ronald S. Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Tue Oct 26 00:24:02 CEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 08:51, Jason Toffaletti wrote:
> I could also use fakesink instead of identity in that case, but unless
> you're suggesting that I split this into two pipelines, that will not
> work for me. I need to decode the audio, so I need the demuxer. How can
> I go about creating an md5sum and decoding the audio? (md5 is purely
> used for an example, I'm not actually using md5 or I would have used
> md5sink)

Then you need your custom filter in between. Make it handle the whole
stream, then go back to the beginning and start pushing buffers forward
to start decoding.


Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>

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