[gst-devel] Crash with two connected threads - testcase

Mark Kretschmann markey at web.de
Fri Sep 10 07:03:01 CEST 2004


during my work with the crossfader for amaroK, I've hit a bug in GStreamer 
that prevents the fader design from working as expected.

This would be an example pipeline design affected by the bug:
{sinesrc} ! {queue ! osssink}

When two threads are linked with a queue and both are playing, you can't set 
the input thread to PAUSED while the output is PLAYING. Tons of interrupt 
events are generated, and it looks like the scheduler crashes. Being able to 
pause and play the input thread independently is vital for a crossfader to 

I've attached a minimal testcase program which triggers the error. Any help in 
locating/fixing the bug is appreciated.



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