[gst-devel] Threading issue

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Fri Sep 10 14:41:06 CEST 2004

> Hi,
> I have an element in a thread that send an error (GST_ELEMENT_ERROR). 
> This cause the following warning, and sometime segfault (look like bug
> #111146)
> "
> ERROR (0x8203f70 - 304099:29:13.106265000)    entrygthread(32430)
> entryscheduler.c(1076):gst_entry_scheduler_iterate:<GstEntryGThreadScheduler at 0x8200c88> returning error because of element error
> (process:32430): GStreamer-WARNING **: inconsistent state information,
> fix threading please
> "
> Running the same pipeline with opt does'nt cause the problem (not
> yet..).  Should I use opt instead of entrygthread?  Is this problem
> may occur even with opt?

Opt is still the default scheduler.  AFAIK entry is still an
experimental one.  You have to actively chose to use something beside
opt, so why are you choosing entry ?

It's possible that it can happen with opt, but it's a lot less likely
since it gets more testing and creates less threads.

> If the same problem may happen with opt, I would like to know if
> somebody have an idea of how the problem could be fixed.  I guess the
> solution is not simple, but any pointers/explanation will help me to
> understand more and will be appreciated.

I'll leave this to someone who actually has written a scheduler :)


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