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Jory Stone jcsston at jory.info
Tue Sep 28 23:35:37 CEST 2004

Just to note, waveOut is the older sound API and has some limitations.
The largest (to me) is under Win9x, any app using waveOut blocks out all
other apps or is blocked out by any app using DirectSound. With DirectSound
all the apps share the sound card and play together.
With WinXP I haven't noticed this and I suspect that it emulates the waveOut
API to DirectSound (the drivers are listed under Legacy Audio Drivers).


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Hi, again,

V Út, 28. 09. 2004 v 21:54, František Dvořák píše:
> > Frantisek,
> >
> > could this plugin be used as a basis for the Windows port of Gstreamer ?
> These are good news. Yes, of course. :-)

And I forgot to mention: I don't know plugin API in Gstreamer. But you
probably know possibilities of re-using of the plugin.

And using DirectSound under WIN32 isn't only one choice. In later future
I'll probably study API for wave out (this way is already used in
mplayer, just what I've seen from source file names).


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