[gst-devel] merging elements in plugins

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Thu Apr 14 08:51:31 CEST 2005


> Hi,
> [Thomas: please use reply-to-list]

(Andy just told me what that was - evo doesn't show a button for it, and
I click buttons in evo.  I'll try, but it'll be hard to train my muscle
memory for this ...)

> On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 19:22, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> [.."plugins are slow"..]
> > Again, *show* that this is the cause.  *show* me that in the case of
> > Totem, the 10 .so files of GStreamer plugins that it opens is slow, and
> > changing that number to 6 (in your proposal) is noticeably faster, and
> > does not pale in comparison to all the other stuff totem is doing at
> > that point.
> Like I said, I was talking about another app (non-graphical).

Ok.  So show the improvement against gst_init.

> Quick output shows that plugin loading of only 3 elements takes
> 0.15-0.20s, whereas having them local takes 0.02-0.05s. This tells me
> that for every loaded element that does not need a separate plugin, we
> save (0.18 - 0.04) / 3 = ~0.05s, so putting
> audioconvert/audioscale/volume in the same plugin and doing the same for
> ffmpegcolorspace/videoscale (which are some of what I proposed) would
> save the 0.14s. Maybe there's more possible.
> Worth it? Maybe.

So I guess you need to first reply to the remarks on your test
example :)

>  The thing is, it's effortless (it's a simple
> Makefile.am change), so why not?

Because of the reasons listed before, which you haven't addressed yet.
There are a) benefits to not lumping together b) there's a possibility
it's actually slower and c) there's work involved.

So why do the work involved if there are drawbacks, no one knows if it's
faster, and someone has to waste time to do the change in the first
place ? The onus probandi is on the person claiming the change is
needed, because of the cost of the change.

I'm not against speeding up stuff, I'm saying we need to have the facts
to weigh pros and cons.  Maybe you don't care about the cons of this
change - that's fine, but say so if that's the case :)


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