[gst-devel] More user friendly handling for multiple audio devices

Furry Ball furryball at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 11:51:36 CEST 2005

After getting slightly frustrated on how hard it is to handle what
devices are being used on KDE I wrote a few thoughts on their
Bugzilla. Alas, they informed that the main culprit Arts is EOL and
one of the highest ranked engines to appear in KDE4 would be Gstreamer
and perhaps I should/could ask for a few views from the people.

Are Gstreamer developers aware of how hard handling the sound devices
is at the moment for the common (or one that would rather not spend a
lot time tweaking) user? Certain situations can be quite loathsome and
confusing imho. Could you please take a brief look at this: (Has
clarifying pictures of the problems and possible solution attached so
this might be a good way..)


and comment? Thank you.

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