[gst-devel] caps negotiantion again

Michael Lausch mla at lausch.at
Wed Aug 31 00:59:07 CEST 2005


how can i define the YUV ordering between pads which are using

I know the problem from transcode which has the option --uyvy to switch
between different YUV colorspaces. I think my problem with distorted
colors when playing VDR realtime video (using streamdev) via gstreamer
derive from such a misunderstanding between the docer element and the
xvimagesink element. 

neither the decoder (ffmpeg) nor the xvimagesink element have a property
named format. do i have to use an ffmpegcolorspace element between them?
how can i change the YUV format on it's pads? or on the ffmpegcolorspace
element itself?
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