[gst-devel] TCP networking help.

Savage, ShaunX V shaunx.v.savage at intel.com
Wed Dec 7 11:38:00 CET 2005

Hi All


Time for bleeding edge help.  My goal is to connect one (or more)
clients to a server using tcpserversink and tcpclientsource.


What I think I want to do.  I am writing it in C but I will use
commandline notations.

On the server side have a pipeline of "filesrc !  tcpserversink"  I set
the location on filesrc and I add a (client_added) signal handler on


If the pipeline is paused , nothing, when set to running


 Setting to PLAYING

DEBUG (0x8ff40a8 - 0:00:00.371545000)        tcpserversink(15845)
opened sending server socket with fd 17

DEBUG (0x8ff40a8 - 0:00:00.371694000)        tcpserversink(15845)
binding server socket to address

DEBUG (0x8ff40a8 - 0:00:00.371859000)        tcpserversink(15845)
listening on server socket 17 with queue of 5

DEBUG (0x8ff40a8 - 0:00:00.372002000)        tcpserversink(15845)
listened on server socket 17, returning from connection setup



Returned, stopping playback

Deleting pipeline


The pipeline does not wait so there is no time for clients to connect. 


How do you setup a listen socket on a server?

What am I missing??  

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