[gst-devel] ANNOUNCE: GStreamer-Perl 0.05

Torsten Schoenfeld kaffeetisch at gmx.de
Wed Dec 7 09:30:27 CET 2005

A new version of the Perl bindings for GStreamer has just been released.
The biggest change is, of course, the port to GStreamer 0.10.0.

The package is available from:


Overview of changes in GStreamer 0.05

* Port to GStreamer 0.10.0.
  - Wrap and test most of the new API.
  - Remove old stuff.
* Use Glib's 64-bit integer converters.
* Rename the various GStreamer::Caps and GStreamer::Event constructors from
  new_thing to GStreamer::Caps::Thing::new and GStreamer::Event::Thing::new

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