[gst-devel] Request for gstreamer 0.8 plugin template

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Fri Dec 9 00:11:09 CET 2005

Hi Sameer,

Sameer Naik wrote:
> hi all...
> i need a plugin template for gstreamer 0.8..
> the cvs login gives me a template for gstreamer 0.9 but i need 0.8
> plz help me on this one too
> 	sameer at nextbitcpu.com
> thanks
> sameer

You might want to check out using
cvs co -rBRANCH-GSTREAMER-0_8 <module>

(or -rBRANCH-GSTREAMER-0_8-ROOT , I keep forgetting which is the one to use).

Do e.g. 'cvs status -v Changelog' to see all the tags and branches.


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