[gst-devel] audiosink for mp3-data

Peter Winterer alnath at gmx.de
Fri Dec 9 01:36:04 CET 2005

I'm working on a audiosink-plugin (0.8.11) that opens a fifo.
The fifo is a pipe that is connected to a hardware-mp3-player
via bluetooth. For that I need the raw mp3-data.
This is working fine in a gstreamer-pipeline without mp3-decoder.
In applications like amarok, the pipeline that is being created, is 
always with mp3-decoder, but I need the raw mp3-data.
How can I control the  creation of a pipeline depending on the sink
that I choose in the applications gstreamer-engine ?
For example, if I choose alsasink in the gstreamer-engine the pipeline
should be with mp3-decoding and for my audiosink-plugin the pipeline 
should be without mp3-decoding, is that possible ?
Thanks for help,
best regards, Peter

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