[gst-devel] Developing with Gstreamer 0.10.0

Antoine Tremblay hexa00 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 07:20:02 CET 2005

yeah sure just download the source packages from the website

Then use like ./configure --prefix=/home/myhome/gstreamer -0.10
(might be ./autogen if you don't have a configure yet)

And it will install it all under this prefix , then make sure you have a
GST_PLUGIN_PATH="/home/myhome/gstramer-0.10-base/lib" (that for all your
gstreamer-good , base etc... (each in their own dir)

And also have LD_LIBRARY_PATH=" .." with all those lib paths + the gstreamer
one ( myhome/gstreamer-0.10/lib...

(to see those env vars ( export | grep varname) to set on e,, export VAR="
... "

Hope it helps

On 12/16/05, Alexander Erk <erk at irt.de> wrote:
> Hello dear GStreamer developers,
> I've got one question regarding your setup in developing Gstreamer
> (itself and apps). I want to have the latest GStreamer version but not
> installed deeply into my ubuntu system. Is it possible to have a
> development installation somewhere in my home dir? What's your
> strategies/experiences?
> Thank you
> Alexander
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