[gst-devel] PiTiVi "A glass of wine next to the fireplace"

Edward Hervey bilboed at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 07:26:11 CET 2005

A promise is a promise. I said there would be a beta release of PiTiVi
working with the latest GStreamer 0.10 series before Xmas and here it
is :

PiTiVi "A glass of wine next to the fireplace"


* GStreamer 0.10 backend
* Import of audio/video files
* Playback and scrubbing (view while seek) of media files
* Adding files to a Timeline
* Playback and scrubbing on Timeline


* GStreamer core and plugins >= 0.10.0
* Python bindings for GStreamer >= 0.10.0
* Python bindings for gtk >= 2.8.0
* Python bindings for gnome >= 2.12.0
* GNonLin elements >=

This release was focused on making PiTiVi work with the new GStreamer
0.10 series, along with the gnonlin non-linear editing elements. Some
work has still to be done to be able to do basic editing, but the hard
part is now done.

On sourceforge, via the project's website:

What is to be expected within the next couple of months:

* Moving, removing files in the Timeline
* Resizing files within the Timeline
* Export/Render
* Project saving/loading
* Complex Timeline View
* Effects/Transitions

As usual, bug reports are more than welcome. One special note though :
if you have problem using a file with PiTiVi, try playing it with
another gstreamer-0.10 powered player (like Totem) and try seeking
within that file. If you encounter problems only in PiTiVi, file a bug
on the PiTiVi bug-tracker, else file a bug on the GStreamer

Finally, I wish you all a merry Xmas and/or holidays ! See you all in
2006, the year of open-source multimedia :)

Edward Hervey
Junior developer / Fluendo S.L.

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