[gst-devel] Playing wmv movie files

ecmproute ecmproute at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 07:50:13 CET 2005

Is there any plugin to play wmv movie files?
I am dumping the output when I tried to play with playbin
gst-launch-i386 playbin uri=file://home/aroy/Desktop/recordedTV_final001.wmv
RUNNING pipeline ...
ERROR: from element /playbin0: Failed to find any supported stream in
file "file://home/aroy/Desktop/recordedTV_final001.wmv"
ERROR: pipeline doesn't want to play.

I am also attaching the dump from gst-inspect.

Confused about which path to take in life?
P.S. Hello Zeeshan, Zeenix, Wim and Julien, Thomas...how are you all?
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