[gst-devel] please help: gst-ffmpeg fails to build with amr support

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Wed Dec 28 02:00:11 CET 2005

> I'm trying, and I believe I have figured out the build problem:  It looks 
> like someone completely deleted amr.c from gstreamer's ffmpeg snapshot. 

I think that it is a lot more likely that the snapshot we are using was
from a time before amr.c even existed in the ffmpeg tree.

> Can anyone here tell me why amr.c is missing from the ffmpeg snapshot, 
> and/or the best way to get AMR support back in there?

Like I said before - someone decides to update the source, looks at all
the patches, updates the upstream copy, reapplies the patches.

This is *a lot* of work to get right, hence it doesn't happen regularly,
only when someone who understands it hacks on it.  Like I said before,
up to know this has only been Ronald.

> I have tried using fresh ffmpeg sources, but they are so different from 
> what gst-ffmpeg expects that it's an exercise in frustration.  I guess I 
> can try grafting a current amr.c back into the gst-ffmpeg distribution, 
> but this would be easier if I had some direction.

I think your direction should be to fix the segfault you're seeing when
trying to follow Ronald's advice.  No point in swimming up stream.


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