[gst-devel] Questions on image "muxing"

Nagy Gergely gergely.nagy at neteyes.hu
Sat Jan 1 10:05:15 CET 2005


I've recently been toying with GStreamer, considering whether it is a
good base to port our in-house streaming application onto. However, I
have a few questions - if they are answered in some documentation I
happened to miss, please point me to it, and I'll gladly read it.

So, what we basically want, is to grab a video stream from some random
source, and put various stuff on it, such as a logo, scrolling text, and
so on.. We must be able to switch between sources smoothly - something
like cross-fading or some other effect. At the moment, our software
works with layers, supports full alpha channels, etc, etc, so doing this
is pretty easy.

My question is, is something similar possible with GStreamer? I know
there is a textoverlay plugin, but... ehm, that's not really appropriate
for us in its current form. Nor did I find anything that could merge a
random picture onto another.

Basically, what I imagine is a generic overlay "muxer", that takes two
images and merges them. So far, I did not find anything like it, but it
might happen I'm just wasn't looking hard enough.

And if something like this is not available yet, is there any interest
in such a thing, is it possible and worthwhile at all? Or should I do
the merging outside of GStreamer (though that does not sound too well,
to be honest)?

Thanks in advance,
Gergely Nagy

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