[gst-devel] Application idea: Media player for multiple displays and edge blending

Knut Urdalen knut at avantmedia.no
Tue Jan 4 12:42:38 CET 2005

Hi guys, and thanks for a _great_ library! I'm fairly to GStreamer but
have thought about an application idea: A media player for multiple
displays with support for edge blending. I'm looking for a few custom
ways of using GStreamer to create a media player that can do output on a
custom set of displays.

My usage: My company are already using proprietary multimedia show
software from Dataton AB (http://www.dataton.com) called Watchout. We
are now looking for a solution to create our own media player based on
GStreamer. Key features here is extensible media support and so called
edge blending since our main usage is to run this player against three
projectors that overlap each other by 20% to get a nice and smooth
image, but also totally different setups.

SGI's OpenGL Multipipe (http://www.sgi.com/products/software/multipipe)
also does this kind of thing, but for OpenGL and just for SGI's own OS.

I've looked at the Video-Whale project page which uses Xinerama. Is it
possible to do edge blending with it? Is there any available code for
this project?

What do you guys think of such a project and if it's a "good" idea, how
do you think it should work?

Knut Urdalen <knut at avantmedia.no>
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