[gst-devel] gstreamer and qt

Fredrik Berg Kjølstad fredrik.kjoelstad at hig.no
Wed Jan 5 00:26:30 CET 2005

Hi. This is my first post on this list so go easy on me ;-)

Im currently reading up on gstreamer for use in a school project. We are 
going to make a stop-motion animation program (puting multiple still 
shots from a camera together into an video, etc).

We are developing for kde desktop and therefore we are hoping to be able 
to use QT and c++ for the development.

Gstreamer seems very good and therefore we are reading up on it, and 
trying to figure out if it is suitable for our project.

I have tried to figure out if gstreamer can be efficiently used together 
with Qt and c++, but i can't find a final answear anywhere. I read 
somewhere that some kde people have been working on qt bindings, and on 
the gstreamer page i can see that there are some incomplete work in 
progress on c++ bindings.

My question is this: Can I use gstreamer with QT and c++ 
"easily"/smoothly, or if not, can it be done at all?

If this has been answeared somewhere else, or if there is some other 
place i can read about this I would be grateful if I could be directed 
to this source.


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