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Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 23:22:35 +0530
Subject: A few quesions about gstreamer
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Hello Gstreamer developers,
        For the past 2 months I have been implementing an application.
Its a very small app, but uses some basic features provided by
        I have interacted a lot with you guys and pestered you with my
queries in irc(I am scorproy), and you have patiently answer them. I
thank you for that.
        Though my initial questions were un-informed ones, my later
questions stemmed from the fact that the documentation was not there,
or was present, but not in a very clear manner.
         One of the things that I am thinking of doing in order to
help the spread and use of GStreamer, is to create a simple table, or
add in already existing documentation, which would say which API is
functional in which states, and what actually happens in terms of
states when that API is called. I would make my point clearer with an
example, though the example may not be correct:
State Information:
1) The two elements to be unlinked should be in X state. If the
elements are inside a bin/thread, the state of the container should be
2) If any of the elements/container bin/thread is not in the X state,
the operation might fail/the state of both the elements will be taken
to X.

Now to provide this kind of information, is there any easy way to generalize?

Thanks and Regards,

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