[gst-devel] Fwd: gst-plugins 0.8.10 source availability

Randall Wood rhwood at mac.com
Fri Jul 1 19:08:39 CEST 2005

To All Concerned:

gst-plugins 0.8.10 works on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). But the source is  
not yet available on the gnome.org FTP servers. Will the gnome.org  
FTP servers be used to distribute this version?

The DarwinPorts projects (http://darwinports.opendarwin.org)  
distributes gstreamer, gst-plugins, and gst-ffmpeg for Mac OS X and  
Darwin using the gnome.org ftp system. Will we have to change that?

Randall Wood
rhwood at mac.com

"The rules are simple: The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes.  
All the
rest is just philosophy."
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