[gst-devel] Re: [Matroska-general] Question on GStreamer for Windows

John Cannon spyder at matroska.org
Sun Jul 3 15:06:17 CEST 2005

ChristianHJW wrote:

> Steve Lhomme schrieb:
>> Bruce A. Rady wrote:
>>> Steve
>>> We now have the GStreamer build up on Windows.  In addition to 
>>> commenting out LIBDIR (which seems to be unused), we also had to add 
>>> gst_marshal_VOID__BOXED_OBJECT to \Win32\gstreamer.def.
>>> Now we are looking for a player or example application that runs 
>>> under Windows.  Do you or anyone else on the list have any suggestions?
>>> Bruce Rady
>> Unfortunately no.
>> I think some other matroska guys had a look recently to make output 
>> sinks for GStreamer on Windows, but I don't know the status of that...
> John 'Spyder' Cannon started to look into this recently, but he 
> couldnt build Gstreamer on Windows and thus started working with it on 
> his Linux box IIRC. Could you guys commit your changes to Gstreamer 
> CVS already ?
> We are currently facing serious problems with compatibility issues of 
> our DShow playback pack for matroska ( appr. 1.5 Mio downloads 
> meanwhile ), there are just too many codec packs and strange DShow 
> filters out there coded by people who dont care at all about the DShow 
> necessities, resulting in PCs which finally cant play a single video 
> file anymore.
> Gstreamer could be the solution to all the problems, once we manage it 
> to work on Windows. Right now Steve is working on VLC, as the fastest 
> way out of our current playback dilemma.
> Christian
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I did build gstreamer 0.8.10 with VC.NET 2003 but it failed to load most 
of the core plugins even.  I would be very interested in your changes.  
As for a sample app, you should be able to use gst-launch and build a 
simple pipeline with fakesrc and fake sink I think.

John Cannon

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