[gst-devel] About GST-FFMPEG problem

nan wang nwang at ihopen.cn
Tue Jul 19 01:54:08 CEST 2005

Dear all,

 I develop gstreamer software ,use gst-ffmpeg-0.8.4 ,running on ARM platform and find a problem.

when play mov files , for example,
gst-launch filesrc location=/mnt/nfs/dragonballv_default.mp4 ! ffdemux_mov_mp4

 will report errors that said read mov header error.

I traced in source code and find  reasons:

in gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/libavformat/utils.c  function av_open_input_stream()

 err = ic->iformat->read_header(ic, ap);

this line will return error.

In fact ,it calls mov_read_header. 

in mov.c 
function mov_read_header() first call   atom.size = url_filesize(url_fileno(pb));

url_filesize will call seek functions in ext/ffmpeg/gstffmpegprotocol.c

Although the return value is ok and return current file pointer is OK ,
 Next seek, the return data are error :The return data are 32kbytes
offset from file header ! 

You know ,in aviobuf.c ,the buffer size is 32k bytes so I doubt it is realtive with the 
buffer operation. gst_bytestream_seek return new pos are OK ,but the data read from file are error !
32k bytes offset !

But all of these are all OK in X86 system ,only on ARM ,decode mov  I found this error !

I debug one week and confused .

Please Help me !!!

Thank you! 

Nan Wang

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