[gst-devel] problem in synchronziing audio and video using gst-launch

Li Juan GUO li-juan.guo at st.com
Wed Jul 20 18:44:10 CEST 2005

How to play audio and video well synchronized of a mpeg file by the command
 I used the the method as the gst-launch man page said: "gst-launch filesrc
location=xx.mpg ! mpegdemux name=demux ! { queue ! mpeg2dec ! xvimagesink }
{ demux. ! queue ! mad ! alsasink }" , only the audio portion works, and
there is warning information as follows:  
WARNING: erroneous pipeline: could not link queue0 to mpeg2dec0
         Trying to run anyway.
RUNNING pipeline ...
Is there anying wrong with the command above? or is there any other command
line to play the mpeg file? 

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