[gst-devel] encoding to anything but ogg

Thomas P. hunonet at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 01:40:08 CEST 2005

Thanks, i tried that. But it didn't work, no error is being shown but
file.mpeg stays at 0 bytes. I'm using 0.8.10 and with debug=2 this is
what i get:

map.c(1368):gst_ffmpeg_formatid_to_caps: Could not create stream
format caps for <lots_of_plugins>
ERROR (0x8050a38 - 311696:33:44.301879000)          ffmpeg(17673)
(0):: only YUV420 is supported
WARN  (0x8050a38 - 311696:33:44.425151000)  queue_dataflow(17673)
gstqueue.c(826):gst_queue_get:<queue1> queue1: waiting for the app to
restart source pad elements
WARN  (0x80c9148 - 311696:33:44.489650000)  GST_SCHEDULING(17673)
gstpad.c(3255):_invent_event: needed to invent a DISCONT 0x805fbd8
(time 0) for asfdemux0:video_00 => ffdec_wmv10:sink

And nothing more happens.


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