[gst-devel] Review of licensed files

Loïc Minier lool+sf at via.ecp.fr
Sun Jul 24 11:25:25 CEST 2005


 I started investigating all files in the various GStreamer CVS modules
 and tarballs, and it seems that a lot of files are missing a license
 header (a small percentage of all files, but there are many files in

 Since there were far too many files for me to process manually, I
 started a Perl script which excludes some file name patterns first, and
 then searches for known licenses blocks.  I'm attaching the script,
 invoke as "check_license gst-plugins/**/*".

 A sample result against gst-plugins 0.8 CVS is at:
 (I filtered out LGPL, BSD, PUBLIC DOMAIN, and skipped files to show
 files I think are relevant.)

 I'd like to resolve with you:
 - file without any license header, especially .c and .h files,
 - file with strange licenses, or licenses seemingly incompatible with
   the LGPL of GStreamer's distribution license -- this includes some
   GPL files.

 I'm open for the rest of the categories, I tried splitting files in
 "upstream" and "GStreamer" when the files were visibly written by the
 GStreamer project, but not all files without license are triaged (the
 non-triaged are "NOT FOUND").  I also tried classifying things you
 might not want to license explicitely, such as .mak, .m4 etc.

 Let me know how I can ease the reviewing process, and help fixing this
 (should I provide big patches?).

Loïc Minier <lool at dooz.org>
Come, your destiny awaits!
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