[gst-devel] LIBDIR and Win32

Michal Benes michal.benes at xeris.cz
Thu Jun 30 00:28:07 CEST 2005

Hi Bruce,

        I have successfully compiled GStreamer on windows two days ago.
The problem with LIBDIR seems to be non-fatal and you can simply comment
out this line.

        As for the missing symbol gst_child_proxy, the only problem is
that the file gstchildproxy.c is not included in the Makefile. Just add
it to SRC. I have no Windows in the moment so I can not check it, but
there may be more missing files.

        If you have problems do not hesitate to contact me. I think we
should fill some patches to bugzilla. 

        It also seems there are no working audio and video sinks for
Windows yet. I am thinking about writing some. Do you have some
experience with audio and video on Windows? May be we could join our




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