[gst-devel] name suggestion for a new iface

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Wed Mar 23 14:10:51 CET 2005

Hi Steve,

true. they indeed have a lot in common. I don't understand whatfor we need the 
interface though. We could just subclass the bin.
A problem with subclassing the bin is to provide the ghostpads, or am I 
overseeing something here?


>>company has contributed a nice idea to handle multichannel element in a
>>generic way.
> There seems to be a large overlap between GstParent and GstBin.  Why not
> just add the required api to GstBin to give the same benefits as
> GstParent? Then polyphonic/mixer elements can just subclass GstBin and
> maybe implement a tiny interface to provide the rest of the functionality.
> So we have:
> get_child_by_name <=> gst_bin_get_by_name
> child_added <=> element-added
> child_removed <=> element-removed
> Which means only the following needs to be implemented in GstBin, which
> will be useful to all GStreamer apps anyway
> gst_bin_get (GST_BIN(polyphonic_element), "voice3::note", &old_note, NULL);
> gst_bin_set (GST_BIN(polyphonic_element), "voice3::note", new_note, NULL);
> The only conceptual difference I see between GstParent and GstBin is that
> GstParent will have its children arranged in parallel and GstBin can have
> its children in any combination of serial and parallel.
> So all we need now is an interface which says that this bin has its
> children arranged in parallel and each child has some kind of explicit
> position in the bin. Position would always go from 0 to
> get_position_count-1. The interface could have a name like GstParallel.
> GstObject * (* move_child_to_position) (GstParallel *parent, const gchar
> *name, guint id);
> GstObject * (* get_child_by_position) (GstParallel *parent, guint id);
> guint (* get_position_count) (GstParallel *parent);
> Or we could just put all this in GstBin too and subclasses can choose to
> ignore the position stuff ;)
> cheers
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