[gst-devel] name suggestion for a new iface

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Thu Mar 24 09:53:51 CET 2005

Hi Steve,

I've added it to my page, but tend to continue with an interface.
One disadvantage of the GstBin idea is that a GstBin manages GstElements. That 
is a little inflexible as I would like to leave that to the polyphonic element. 
E.g. in our case a simple GObject would be enough.
For a mixer the children are possibly GstPads and so on.


>>Hi Steve,
>>true. they indeed have a lot in common. I don't understand whatfor we need
>>interface though. We could just subclass the bin.
> Sorry, I thought you preferred an interface. Subclass would be better.
>>A problem with subclassing the bin is to provide the ghostpads, or am I
>>overseeing something here?
> I'm not sure. So if you had a GstParallelBin which you subclass to get
> your polyphonic element its probably up to your subclass to:
> - manage the children
> - set up its own ghost pads
> - add the elements required to mix the children pads down to a single pad
> (if that is what is required)
> cheers
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