[gst-devel] reducing memory required to run the gstreamer

Pankaj GOYAL pankaj.goyal at st.com
Mon May 2 04:24:14 CEST 2005

	I want to use the gstreamer for an arm based Montavista embedded linux .The linux kernel I m using is 2.4 kernel.Since I m working in embedded enviornment I have the memory constraints.I want to know, is there any dependency of one plugin over the another plugin in gstreamer.I have written some of my custom plugin and I m only using the fakesrc ,fakesing,filesink and fikesrc plugin of the gstreamer and rest are not usefull to me.So I want to remove the all the unneccessary plugins , library files ans binary files.I also want to keep only the required binary such as gst-register ,gst-launch etc. Can anyone please help me what to keep and what to remove to run the gstreamer on a system with only 32MB memory.


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