[gst-devel] Liboil-0.3.2

David Schleef ds at schleef.org
Sun May 8 16:27:05 CEST 2005

Liboil-0.3.2. It's out. More implementations. More Classes.  More more.

New function classes:
    IDCT 8x8 transform as defined by the Theora spec.  Slightly different
    from the standard IDCT 8x8 transform.
    IDCT 8x8 transforms where the high-frequency elements of the source
    arrays are ignored in the calculation.  Very useful if those elements
    can be guaranteed to be zero.
    Sum of absolute differences, implemented correctly.  Replaces
    oil_sad8x8_f64 and oil_sad8x8_s16.  (The older versions were just
    plain broken.)
    Scale and convert to a different type.  Allows conversion from float
    audio to signed-16 audio in a single step, as opposed to 2 or 3 steps
  oil_splat_u32_ns, oil_splat_u8_ns:
    Splat source values to an entire array, non-strided version.  Easier
    to optimize than strided version.

Do you understand how to make a CPU go fast?  Write some liboil
optimizations.  Optimizations can be written in C, inline assembly, or
C-with-intrisics, so you don't need to be an assembly wizard.

Want to use liboil in your application?  Propose the function classes
you need.  Submit your existing code for optimization.


David Schleef
Big Kitten LLC (http://www.bigkitten.com/) -- data acquisition on Linux

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