[gst-devel] RTP Caps,base payloader and jrtplib

burger at speedy.org burger at speedy.org
Tue Nov 8 08:09:37 CET 2005

Hello Andy,

> I'm replying for Thomas because he's stressing out a bit now. We're
> entering a bit of a crunch time for Flumotion and it's taking a bit of
> time, not to mention the biweekly releases leading up to an eventual
> GStreamer 0.10.0, the stress involved in producing a stable API, docs
> work that everyone wants but no one does, etc. So from our side RTP
> isn't getting as much attention as we'd like. That will change in a few
> weeks, but sorry if Fluendo folk are a bit preoccupied right now.
Thats good to hear!

> Ignoring the flippant tone :), Thomas started on a python-based path.
> Different from what you all are doing; not saying it's better or worse
> but he prefers to continue in python at the moment.
Thats understandable. Sometimes I just wish we had a more constant and
direct communication method.

> > What we have here is a simple case of duplicate functionality.
> It's not that terrible :) Functionality should be factored out,
> abstracted, etc when we're sure where it should go and what the right
> solution is. RTP with GStreamer is in an experimental state right now
> though; it's fine to have multiple lines going out to explore the space.
> rtpbin is one way to do it. There are others and that's fine too.
> Duplicating the 50 lines of basertppayload in rtpbin is worth the
> architectural flexibility in the rtp stack.
Yes and now there is the ortpbin that has been mentioned on the list.
In any case I am hopping I can find some way to keep working full time
on RTP and Farsight after I graduate in December.



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