[gst-devel] RTP Caps,base payloader and jrtplib

Kai Vehmanen kvehmanen at eca.cx
Tue Nov 8 10:51:46 CET 2005

Hi Andy,

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Andy Wingo wrote:

> work that everyone wants but no one does, etc. So from our side RTP
> isn't getting as much attention as we'd like. That will change in a few
> weeks, but sorry if Fluendo folk are a bit preoccupied right now.

that's of course understandable, thanks for the status update!

I guess the only really time-critical item (for 0.10) is harmonizing the 
RTP packetizers (Edgard just sent a mail about it). It would be great if 
someone from the core gst team could ok the changes so we can get unified 
set of packetizers to the upcoming gstreamer. I'm assuming changing
element names would be difficult to do after 0.10 is out...?

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