[gst-devel] GStreamer Base Plugins work

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Nov 29 07:41:08 CET 2005

It's less than seven days left.  Anyone else getting cold feet ?

I've noted some things down while going through modules looking for
things to do before 0.10.  See gstreamer/docs/random/thomasvs/0.10 for
the low-down.  It contains a number of items I've already done as well,
like folding audiofilter and videofilter into the audio and video libs.

Here's a list of things I have questions or worries about that are
related to plugins-base, from that list:
- some of the elements don't have any documentation yet.  For a complete
list, see the above file, or check the plugin docs on the website.  It's
easy to add docs - check gstreamer/docs/README at the bottom.  There are
quite a few examples already.  There is still time to make your favorite
element shine.
- some of the elements don't have tests yet.  There are enough examples
already here as well.  One day soon (after 0.10) I will write up some
info/experience on writing tests for elements.
- subparse works, but outputs x-pango-markup.  Pango isn't ported, and
cairo doesn't handle this mime type afaict.  Also, cairo is in -good -
the original idea for base called for a text rendering element to be in
base.  Are we happy with cairo ? Do we port pango ? I want to move one
of those two to base.
- cdparanoia: Is not ported.  There has been discussion about dropping
it in favour of cdio - but that was never investigated enough further.
At this point, I would move it out of -base, and just deal with the
fallout of not having a good cd reading plug-in.  Are you crying as hard
as I am right now ?

There is still time to right some wrongs.  Join up today !


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