[gst-devel] core reworkings

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Nov 29 07:51:05 CET 2005


Thanks for replying...

> > - move all additional libs (net, base, ...) in gstreamer/gst/* to
> > libs/gst, together with dataprotocol and such
> you mean gstreamer/libs/gst? isn't dataprotocol already there.

yes, and net and base would move there as well.

> > - move all plugins (elements, indexers) out of gstreamer/gst and into,
> > say, gstreamer/plugins; have them built after the gst/ subdir
> sounds good. leaves only check and parse in there.

No, check would move too.  parse is less-than-just-additional-lib, I
would leave parse in there for now.

> > - make a tests/ or testsuite/ dir, and group all things that fit under
> > it under there: move check/ under it, add interactive tests in a
> > separate dir, examples in a separate dir, and doc-extracted examples in
> > a separate dir, all underneath that
> I'd rather leave examples as examples. they are not run as part of make check

the only thing that would be run as part of "make check" is  the
tests/check dir.  The interactive tests can't be run from it because
they're interactive - they deal with devices, they would require you to
do stuff, ... They would still be small apps testing the elements, and
they would still be easily valgrindable.  So the criterium is not "does
it run as make check", because only one dir currently fits the bill, and
maybe a second dir where some unit tests could go that can't be run as
part of make check.

The criterium really is "is this something someone can use to test
GStreamer in some way".  the same structure would be mimicked across
other modules, btw, if that wasn't clear.  So with that premise, regular
examples, docs-extracted ones, unit tests, interactive tests, and old
crap that still is lying around and possibly does not compile all fit
the bill.  I just want to make the difference clear by having them in
separate subdirs.

> > - put queue in libgstelements.so
> > - remove -compprep and -complete
> whats the ratonale for that. Are the broken too much?

Nobody knows if they work.  Nobody uses them.  at the very least,
compprep should not be needed anymore for the same reason gst-register
was removed.  Basically, it is a cool thing when it works but nobody is
investing any time in it to make it work.


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