[gst-devel] bttv/v4l2src 0.8 norm problems

Pablo Lorenzzoni pablo at propus.com.br
Thu Sep 1 10:10:45 CEST 2005


I am helping with the configuration of a encoder machine which is
supposed to encode the signal given by an Osprey card (bttv) into
ogg/theora. I am having a bit of a problem with v4l2src (at least I
think the problem is with it). The cable gives the card a Composite
PAL-M video (brazilian system is PAL-M) which I can play with xawtv (set
for PAL or PAL-M and Composite). v4l2src, although, cannot decode it (it
seems): it gives me the stream that can be played at with norm="PAL-60". With
norm="PAL-M" or norm="PAL" it gives me a B&W output with green stripes
at the bottom (and a non-continuoes stream: it stops every now and
then). "PAL-60" is the best I could find....

I've tried every possible combination, and every possible norm
(including SECAM and NTSC). I am, actually, kind of lost. If somebody
have any clues, they're more than welcome.



P.S.: also, please, note that the sinesrc is being used in place of the
sound.... it's just a test after all. :-)

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