[gst-devel] questions about examples in plugin docs

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Mon Sep 12 00:55:17 CEST 2005


> > On to the questions:
> > 
> > - does it make sense to put this example in the docs ? Is it not too
> > long ?
> > - Where should this example code be written ?
> >   - in the element's .c file as comments ?
> >   - in a separate .c file in the element's directory ?
> >   - in a separate .c file in some top-level examples/ ?
> > - What license should we slap on all of our example code ?

> I find sample code as part of the long-description not too long. Just to let you 
> know, I plane to add folding to gtk-doc output. Then one can collaps the example 
> and expand them on demand.

Good to hear.

> Have you tried to xinclude them into the docs? I'll try this locally later today 
> and tell you if it works.

I have - getting them into the docs is not a problem.  I just want to
know where people would want to maintain these examples, out of the
three places I've given.  the launch lines are put in the .c file, which
is fine since they're short; people might complain about 100 line code
samples being inlined in the comments though.


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