[gst-devel] questions about examples in plugin docs

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Mon Sep 12 04:40:14 CEST 2005


On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 12:02 +0200, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> - does it make sense to put this example in the docs ? Is it not too
> long ?

I think it's great.

> - Where should this example code be written ?
>   - in the element's .c file as comments ?
>   - in a separate .c file in the element's directory ?
>   - in a separate .c file in some top-level examples/ ?

For C examples, it would be nice to be able to compile and run them to
see what they do. I would prefer separate C files. Not a strong
preference though.

> - What license should we slap on all of our example code ?

Public domain

> No matter where we would store the example code, I'd extract and build
> it as part of make check just like our manual examples, to make sure the
> examples stay current.


Andy Wingo

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