[gst-devel] LiveSupport 1.0 released - based on gstreamer, including a SMIL gst element

Ákos Maróy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Tue Sep 20 03:31:15 CEST 2005

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
> As long as all the copyright holders agree you can re-license at any
> time you want. The code out there would of course still be GPL but you
> could release a new 'copy' of the code under the LGPL. Dual-licensing
> LGPL/GPL is possible, I know Mozilla does it, but I never seen the point
> as LGPL has a clause allowing you to relicense the code to GPL for your
> derivatives.

I've spokent to the stakeholders in LiveSupport, and it seems that
double licensing shouldn't be a problem. Thus we'd be happy to have the
gstreamer elements developed for the LiveSupport project included in the
official gst-plugins tree...


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