[gst-devel] typefind fixation

Ákos Maróy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Tue Sep 20 03:34:01 CEST 2005

one problem I bumped into was that while using typefind elements to
connect sources to (eventually) the sound card, whenever I set the
elements out of PLAYING/PAUSED state, they would lose their knowledge,
and would start typefinding again when setting back to READY.

as a workaround, I simply traverse the tree and remove all typefind
elements, and just connect the elements 'around' the typefind I don't
need anymore.

this unfortunately has some side-effects, as it seems that some elements
don't handle reconnecting quite well, see

I was wondering what our approach should be / how can the typefinding be
fixated? should I patch typefind to include a flag that would make it
'fix', and not try to typefind anymore?

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